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Raquel De Castro

Born in Salamanca (Spain) She began to dance from a very early age different disciplines from urban dances to jazz, ballet and contemporary. It was not until 2012 when she began her professional career in the Adrián y Anita company that she entered the world of Latin dance. She was co-founder of the group ‘Fusión Latina Salamanca’, winners of several national competitions, classifying and achieving the podium in the prestigious WORLD BACHATA MASTERS.

In 2014 she began to work as a couple with Pablo Pérez (Pablo & Raquel) focusing mainly on national and international competitions and achieving great results for 4 consecutive years.

  • 2014 1st place Bachatart Fusión Spain
  • 2014 2nd place Bachatastars Spain
  • 2014 2nd place International Bachatastars
  • 2015 1st place International Bachatart Fusion
  • 2015 2nd place Bachatastars Spain
  • 2015 3rd place International Bachatastars
  • 2016 1st place Bachatastars Spain
  • 2016 1st place International Bachatastars
  • 2016 2nd place World Champions of Champions
  • 2017 3rd place World Bachata Master

He has worked with several of the most recognized bachata singers such as Mr. Don, Vicky Corbacho, Manny Rod or Dani J and was recently part of Wilmer Productions’ work for Alfonso La Cruz on the TV show ‘Operacion Triunfo’

Today, he continues to travel the world, performing and sharing his unique SMOOTH BACHATA style, which mixes the roots of more traditional bachata with contemporary dissociation techniques.